Our Impact

We are working on reducing the education and health care gap in undeprivileged populations.

Printer/Photocopy Machine

Fundraised $1000 during the 2016-2017 school year

The Printer (with a maintenance contract) was presented to the Palpita school in Sri Lanka in Summer 2017.


Ordinary Level exam in Sri Lanka

The Ordinary Level Exam is a standardized exam taken by all the 10th graders in Sri Lanka. There are six subjects and all the students take the same exam. This qualifies students for the last two years of school.

Best way to study for this very competitive  exam is to do as many past exams as you can.

This year, with the use of the printer the foundation provided, the students were able to print and copy past exams to practice.

According to the principal the passing rate went from 30% to 85%. She says this monumental increase is because of the printer and the ability  to practice with past exams.

Science Lab

A science lab in a rural Sri Lankan school (Palpita School) was opened on the 1st of August 2018. The students dream of becoming doctors and engineeres now have a science lab. We will report the impact of the lab after about an year of its use. 

Vision Care

A free vision care clinic was held on the 2nd August 2018 in Pugoda, Sri Lanka. Eye care is very expensive in Sri Lanka and a large number of seniors and children go without the necessary care. We gave over 500 pairs of glasses to those in need.

Solar Panel

We are planning to install solar panels in a rural school in Sri Lanka that will provide the school with clean energy.